Amitopia TV 4th of March 2009 show is out

Date 6-Mar-2009 2:12:55
Topic: News

Hello. Just wanted you to know that newest Amitopia TV show is on-line. You can either
download it from or watch it on-line at Vimeo website.

Content this time: Amiga News, The Mysterious Cities Of Cold, MusicBox and AmiReporters.

Also in this note! Amitopia TV wants your creation. Either its animated, a demo or a demonstration of an Amiga product. You don't have to be professional, what is important is that Amitopia TV gets some content to show, and that people who watch Amitopia TV see that the Amiga is alive and that there are users who still use the Amiga today.

I know that Amiga people are creative. So go on and send me anything. Send it by 22.03.2009 and I will have it included in one of the next shows depends on length etc. of your content that you want to send. Google Mail got a limit of 7GB now, so don't send bigger files than that please

From Sunday 08.03.2009 you will be able to watch AmiReporters! and MusicBox from this release on Youtube.

Remember that Amitopia TV is an art form. I am a fan of the 80's and 90's TV idents. Like the ones from Sky and FilmNet etc. So Amitopia TV show is like a local TV network showing you programs. But since not everyone is interested in my art, I decided back in days to release parts of Amitopia TV on YouTube because of the high demand. So here we are... !

The YouTube clips will come on YouTube between 5 and 6 days after the full releases of Amitopia TV.

Stream link:

Happy watching !


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