intent Powers New Sony Network Digital Recorder

Date 14-May-2003 6:23:57
Topic: News

intent Powers New Sony Network Digital Recorder. Read more for Tao's press release posted on the 12th of May 2003.

Reading, UK, 12 May 2003 - Tao Group today announced that its intent® Multimedia Platform is being used for Sony's new Network Digital Recorder, NDR-XR1, announced on April 3 of this year. NDR-XR1 is a product in Sony?s newly branded "CoCoon" product group which is targeted at home network use to provide a new Audio-Visual entertainment experience in Japan. intent delivers incredibly fast Java? functionality to the NDR-XR1 and enables a rich, graphical user interface (GUI). intent now powers a variety of products such as a digital video camera from JVC, Kyocera?s next generation PDA "PocketCosmo?", and Philips? "iPronto" remote controller.

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