AmiDevCpp 0.9.8 (graceful Bulldozer) is available.

Date 8-Mar-2009 20:18:46
Topic: Software News

AmiDevCpp is a cross development environment for Windows.
It allows you to develop applications for all Amiga-like Operating Systems.

This versions provides Cross Compilers for this platforms:

• AmigaOS3 68k
• AmigaOS4 ppc
• MorphOS ppc
• AROS x86
• AROS x86 64
• AROS ppc

Thanks to Markus 'mausle' Weiss, all AROS Cross Compilers has been updated to
gcc 4.2.2

I also want to say "thank you" to the wx-DevC++ Team for making this great IDE,
Jocke 'zerohero' Birging for providing the Cross Compilers for OS3, OS4 and MorphOS and last but not least to
Chris 'PortablE' Handley for beta testing this beast on Windows Vista.

Please read the Manual before you install it on your PC.

You can Download AmiDevCpp form here.

You can download it here.

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