AmigaSYS 4 Amithlon update - R1.2

Date 9-Mar-2009 13:53:51
Topic: Software News

AmigaSYS 4 Amithlon update - R1.2

The package is compatible with all AmigaSYS 4 - Amithlon kernel 1, 2, 3.x base package.
Fixes, news:
- Full French language support.
- Language synchs, fixes, syntax, addressing etc.
- English, Deutsch, Hungarian, Italian, Polish language updates, fixes + French Catalog files.
- Version menu and OS recognizationat the AmigaSYS options.
- All of the resolution bugs are fixed.
- Mario Locati Virgola PNG icons updated to 1.1, instead the old 35-40 kb icons, now its only 5-6 kb, it is faster than ever!
- Start menu contents updated, new options, new functions, e.g. SabreMSN, ordered/syntax fixed, etc...
- Online and Offline Amithlon installers, updated, actualized.
- etc...


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