OnyxSoft launches new homepage and releases a big update!

Date 12-Mar-2009 20:26:36
Topic: Announcement

OnyxSoft is very proud to present our new an improved homepage:
www.onyxsoft.se Drop in a look around!

We also release a very big update: CodeAudio v3.0, formerly known as TheMPegEncGUI! Yes, CodeAudio is the new fresh name of TheMPegEncGUI. (Some of you who were already users of TheMPegEncGUI may already have seen it through the autoupdate feature.)

CodeAudio has got a Wizard to make MP3 encoding as simple as it possibly can be! It can detect and load the tracks from an audio-CD, get track information from the Internet, automatically rename the mp3 files, download all necessary 3rd party packages required, all with a few mouse clicks on the "Next" button

CodeAudio v3.0 - (68k) Full-featured GUI for audio codecs.
  • An MP3 encoding Wizard has been added which makes it easier than ever before to make high quality MP3 files in no time!

  • Added support for Flac, the free lossless audio codec.

  • Updated locale catalogs for German, Italian, Spanish

  • Works on MorphOS with MUI 4.

  • Restructured every encoder GUI that had more than one page and turned them into virtual groups.

  • Made it possible to drop directories on the list window and the Wizard.

  • Updated to the latest Lame executables for all systems on the auto-update server.

  • AutoUpdate should work in E-UAE/Linux now.

  • Should not try to locate the CD drive at startup everytime now. Also enhanced the CD detection code a lot so it works on MorphOS and WinUAE.

  • Better installation of FreeDB.

  • Uninstall options for CDDB and FreeDB if they were installed by TheMPegEncGUI/CodeAudio.

...and much more minor fixes and improvements all over!


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