The "Digital Universe" version 1.6 for OS4.x Available.

Date 13-Mar-2009 17:52:20
Topic: Software News

The "Digital Universe" version 1.6 for OS4.x capable Amigas is now available.

To simplify the distribution, version 1.6 is only available as a free update to version 1.5. It is not possible to buy version 1.6 as a standalone product. Registered users of Digital Universe will be able to download the update from our download site using the details given when they purchased version 1.5.

Note: Some early purchasers of the CD did so prior to the download system being set up and therefore currently will not have the necessary download details in order to obtain the update. Anyone in this situation, please use the Contact Us section of the Digital Universe website and we can provide you with your login details.

It will also be possible to update your version of Digital Universe via AmiUpdate...

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but users will still need their UID and password to login. Also I recommend making a backup of your current DUOS4: folder before updating whether doing so manually or using AmiUpdate.

For new users it is necessary to firstly order version 1.5 and then apply the update. Anyone purchasing The Digital Universe on CD would naturally receive both the version 1.5 installation package and the update on the same CD.

A list of the new features, enhancements and bug fixes since version 1.5 can be found here.

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