Sam440EP 667Mhz in stock - I.M.M. Informatique

Date 1-Apr-2009 13:52:00
Topic: Hardware News

Hi all there ;)

For those who haven't a Sam440EP yet, don't search anymore since we have received some motherboards at the end of last week at our shop !

We have also modified our website and make a special 'Amiga NG' section with all products which have been successfully tested with these computers.

You can place your order directly on the website for the Sam440EP motherboards or for a complete system now !
Please note that the prices included the taxes (from Luxembourg) and for the complete systems, it includes the AmigaOS 4.1 CD which is pre-installed on the computer with many other softwares and also with the Linux Debian installed in dual boot !

We also have the Minimig's boards in stock as well as the AmigaOS 4.1 software for Pegasos II.

For those who have experienced some trouble about AmigaOS 4.1 installation on their Pegasos II, we have just finished the english version of our guide available HERE

Finally, as the Sam440Flex boards will arrive in 4 or 6 weeks, please order it right now ;)

Thanks for your support and Thanks to ACube Systems and Hyperion Entertainment for their efforts ;)

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