Online Photos of the Mirage 1200-based Amiga

Date 14-May-2003 16:27:04
Topic: Internet News

The Elbox Support Website has now photos presenting how the new Mirage 1200 tower may be used to house a really well-expanded Amiga 1200-based system.

The Amiga in view is fitted with the Mediator PCI 1200 SX busboard and Blizzard PPC 240/060/50, a Voodoo 3 graphic card, a PixelView TV Pro card, a Terratec 512i digital sound card, a Spider II USB 2.0 5-port controller, a FastEthernet 100Mb/s network card, a FastATA 1200 EIDE controller, a Samsung 80GB HDD, a 52x CD-ROM, a 40x12x40x CD-RW, an LS-120 drive, an All-in-One USB 2.0 Flash card reader, a Logitech USB mouse and a A3000 keyboard.

Wojtek Kozlowski

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