Special offer from Relec - Swiss Amiga dealer

Date 14-Apr-2009 22:01:12
Topic: Miscellaneous News

With the difficult times that cross the economy and your purse, RELEC decided to make a particular effort by proposing to you a first "Crisis Offer", for a limited time and until exhaustion of the quota!

This one is addressed today to the owners of Pegasos II: because of the price, you might have hesitated to buy Amiga OS 4.1. Then don't wait any longer, for 99 euro instead of 123, our offer represents a good opportunity.(Please click read more)

The offer is valid from 10 till 30 April 2009, but don't wait TOO long, because the stock is limited to the given quantity.

To order: Just send an email, with subject " Crisis Offer 10-30.04" and your demand. We will forward all necessary information : info@relec.ch.

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