OWB 1.2 for MorphOS released

Date 16-Apr-2009 23:40:34
Topic: Software News

Fabien "Fab" Coeurjoly has updated his MorphOS port of the Origyn Web Browser. This web browser is based on the powerful WebKit engine which is also used by Apple's Safari or Google's Chrome.

Version 1.2 is available in three editions, namely the full browser (owb-morphos-1.2.lha), a version without SVG support (owb-morphos-1.2-nosvg.lha) and "OWB Lite" which excludes support for SVG and for codepages other than UTF-8 and Latin-1. The two extra editions are primarily intented to be used on systems that feature only low amounts of memory (Efika).(Please click read more)

System requirements:‏
MorphOS 2.x is strongly recommended but it can still work on a 1.4.x setup if a recent MUI snapshot (2007) is installed. The full browser requires about 5MB of disk space and at least 35MB of free system memory. (The No-SVG and Lite editions of OWB may require different amounts of disk space and system memory.)

The developer made the following changes::
- Updated to OWB SVN r884 (08.03.2009).
- Updated to Curl 7.19.3.
- Substancially increased scrolling speed in some cases.
- Reduced a lot CPU usage in some cases (i.e MorphZone forum when replying).
- Added authentication window (not all protocols are handled yet).
- Added history loading/saving with max age/max entries settings.
- Added support for visited links marking.
- Added URL completion: string and/or popup completion modes are available (and optional).
- Added console window (displaying JavaScript error messages amongst others).
- Added "Save as HTML" menu entry.
- Added cache model and page cache settings.
- Added "New Tab" button.
- Added context menu actions to tab titles.
- Added context menu in downloaded entries list to open file/directory with Ambient.
- Added loading transfer anim in tabs (optional).
- Added "SAVEURL URL/A" rexx command (downloads passed URL to download directory).
- Allow Euro symbol input in forms.
- Send "Accept-Language" http header set with system preferred languages.
- Implemented JavaScript prompt request.
- Enabled "Resizable TextArea" webkit option.
- Made tab-cycling work properly for the whole browser window (it was only working inside the page content before).
- Remember last opened file path during session.
- Began implementing plugin interface (nothing to see yet, except plugin placeholder).
- Unescape downloaded file names.
- Protected tab and status labels against MUI escape-sequences abuses.
- URL filecomment wasn't written correctly when downloading to a SFS partition.
- Bookmarks menuitems are now updated in realtime too.
- QuickLink group reworked and (hopefully) fixed for pre-2.x MUI versions. It also offers more layout options.
- Don't move downloaded entry to finished tab in case current size is greater than advertised file size (which can happen with on-the-fly gzip unpacking).
- Fixed some issues with window/tab titles sometimes showing wrong label.
- Cosmetics here and there in the GUI.
- Use shared jpeg and png libraries.

Download it here.

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