Bounty to port Gnash to AmigaOS4.1

Date 17-Apr-2009 16:03:25
Topic: Software News

The Gnash bounty is meant to help close the gap in web browsing experience by bringing Macromedia/Adobe Flash support to AmigaOS4.1.

Ultimate goal of this bounty is to get:
a) A standalone Flash player, callable from within scripts, and
b) A web browser plugin based on the NetScape plugin API.
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Afxgroup (Andrea Palmatè) has asked to be assigned to the Gnash bounty which was originally proposed by Samo79.
The deadline for this project is 1st March 2010 for both a working standalone player and a working NSAPI plugin. Gnash bounty.
Gnash - Flash Movie Player for AmigaOS4.1

Gnash website.
Developer website for Gnash.

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