DiscreetFX Abandons DVD-ROM & CD-ROM Formats

Date 19-Apr-2009 21:54:22
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April 19, 2009


DiscreetFX Team

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DiscreetFX Abandons DVD-ROM & CD-ROM Formats

LAS VEGAS, -- NAB Show – April 19, 2009 – Visual Effects
developer DiscreetFX Inc., developer of animated effects
elements/transitions for TriCaster, VT[5], SpeedEDIT & Final Cut Studio
abandons software distribution on the dated DVD-ROM & CD-ROM mediums.
DiscreetFX has always been about forward thinking and providing
customers with cutting edge technology. In the interest of giving
customers the best value for their software purchases DiscreetFX will
only distribute their effects software on fast USB Flash-drives.
Internal tests by DiscreetFX have found that DVD-ROM & CD-ROM formats do
not stand the test of time. These fragile formats are easily subjected
to scratching, the elements, and small hungry childen. DiscreetFX has no
interest in selling customers quality software on a medium that's long
term viability is unknown. USB Flash-drives provide a safer less fragile
distribution format for our effects products. This policy applies to all
current products with the exception of a few legacy Amiga software products
that are not related to TriCaster, VT[5] or SpeedEDIT.

Changing our software distribution method will increase costs but
that will not be past along to customers at this time. The net effect of
this policy change will give TriCaster customers a discount on our
products since their price will now be in line with the VT[5] &
SpeedEDIT versions. VT[5] & SpeedEDIT customers will see no price
increase but will get their effects software delivered on a safer and
better format then DVD-ROM. USB Flash-drives are also a faster, more
robust delivery medium so customers will see that added benefit.
TriCaster customers have enjoyed receiving DiscreetFX's software on
Flash-drives for many years and commented they are very happy to buy
software this way. Since DiscreetFX does not control the film industry
movies will continue to be distributed on DVD-ROM's for the foreseeable
future. Software technology like Drive-In from Telestream show that even
Hollywood films can be preserved with bonus features and menu's intact
without the need of fragile DVD Discs.

Pricing and Availability
DiscreetFX effects products are available for immediate purchase from
the DiscreetFX iShop or toll free (1-800-852-0930). Dealer inquires
welcome, DiscreetFX gives NewTek dealers a heathy discount on our
products so they can make a profit selling them.

DiscreetFX iShop

Here is a quick breakdown on how this change effects the entire product line.

Millennium for the Amiga Video Toaster - Product will still ship on three CD-ROM's unless
customer requests Flash-drive. No extra cost for USB Flash-drive delivery.

Aladdin 4D 5.0 - Product will continue to be delivered on CD-ROM unless customer requests Flash-drive. No extra cost for USB Flash-drive delivery.

Aladdin 4D 6.0 - Product will only be sold via Flash-drive on Amiga OS 4.1, MorphOS, AROS, Linux & Windows.

Digital Video Effects Products SportsFX, FantasyFX, CarFX, DVE Director's Cut, etc - No longer available on DVD-ROM, now sold on Flash-drive for no extra cost for TriCaster, VT[5], SpeedEDIT, Final Cut Studio & Express versions.

About DiscreetFX Inc.

DiscreetFX creates digital video effects that make your productions and
films more effective! DiscreetFX stunning digital transitions support
the TriCaster family of products including: TriCaster, TriCaster DUO,
TriCaster PRO, TriCaster STUDIO and TriCaster BROADCAST, which are
trademarks of NewTek Inc. DiscreetFX effects also work with VT[5] &
SpeedEDIT from NewTek Inc. and Final Cut Studio & Final Cut Express 4
from Apple Inc. DiscreetFX also develops custom video effects software for
the Classic Amiga Video Toaster Flyer and Aladdin 4D for Muti-platform Amiga
OS 4.1, MorphOS 2.2, AROS, Linux & Windows.

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