New XVS (33.40) library released

Date 14-May-2003 18:38:10
Topic: Software News

Georg Hoerman has released the latest update to the virus checkers' "xvs.library".

New in v33.40: (Size: 61.912 bytes)

  • Added file recognition for some very old installer programs of the following bootblock viruses: Blizzard, CLI-Manager, SystemZ 5.0 and SystemZ 6.4. Thanks to Dirk Stöcker for sending the files.
  • Added special recognition for "Zeeball AV-Testfile" from Zeeball's antivirus test archive.
  • Changed several often-used CacheClearU() calls to CacheClearE() for better performance on JIT 68k emulated systems (file analysis and repair code for polymorphic linkviruses have not been changed, as these only get called if some patterns match first). Thanks to Harry Sintonen for the hint.
  • Fixed bug in xvsCheckFile() that accessed two bytes following the actual file buffer under certain circumstances. Thanks must go to Mikolaj Calusinski for the report and for beta-testing.
  • Did some compatibility fixes for Pegasos/MorphOS systems. Thanks again to Harry Sintonen for the report and for beta-testing.
  • Replaced old installer script with an updated version written once again by Dave 'Targhan' Crawford. Thanks!

The full changelog can be found here

Download XVS v33.40 (92,637 bytes LHA)

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