NetSurf 2.0 released for OS4

Date 25-Apr-2009 9:15:27
Topic: Software News

The NetSurf developers are happy to announce the immediate availability of
NetSurf 2.0. This release contains many new features and enhancements as well
as many minor bug fixes and improvments. It is available for download from

Here is a change log detailing the important changes in this release:

Core / All

* Completely new HTML parser (Hubbub).
* SVG support. (Can be used as normal images and background images.)
* PDF export support.
* Many improvements to page layout and rendering.
* More CSS properties supported.
* Improved text selection behaviour.
* Charset fixes.
* Portability improvements.
* Configurable multi-platform build system.
* Tabbed browsing awareness.
* Corrected behaviour of backgrounds on root element.
* Many fixes related to floated content.
* More lenient meta refresh delay handling.
* Improvements to cut, copy and paste behaviour.
* Better cookie handling.
* Improved form functionality.
* Improved form control display.
* Stability fixes for handling nonsense data.
* Better handling of HTML attributes.
* Fix broken layout on systems which don't use '.' as the decimal
* Fix inline height not affecting line height.
* Handle whitespace in URL bar.
* New throbber animation.
* Fixed occasional white flicker of page area during layout.
* New default homepage.

RISC OS-specific

* Restructured menu with access to more functionality.
* Remembers save / download paths.
* Improved style-guide compliance.
* Wimpslot size adjusted at build time.
* Alt+click on close icon closes all NetSurf windows.
* Escape aborts drag save.
* New object > link submenu.
* SVG to Drawfile conversion.
* Zoom/scale with shift+scrollwheel.
* Improved drawfile export.


* Tabbed browsing.
* Global history.
* Download manager.
* Enhanced interface.
* Text selection.
* Print support.
* Improved context menu.
* Handle desktop DPI setting.
* Can support RISC OS Sprite bitmap format via librosprite.
* View source.
* Content language selection option.


* First release.


* First release.


* First release.

Also included are many smaller bug fixes, improvements and
documentation enhancements.

Thanks to everybody who has contributed to this release!

About NetSurf

NetSurf is an Open Source web browser for RISC OS, Linux and other Unix-like
platforms, BeOS, Haiku, and AmigaOS 4. For further information, please see
the website at

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