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Date 2-May-2009 3:37:09
Topic: Miscellaneous News

A new site with more interactive joy for everyone. Site aims at combining its interactive website with the video shows that you can download.


New this time is Tips and Wallpaper sections. Best Tips and Wallpaper contributions will be shown in future video Amitopia TV shows.

*22nd of April release of Amitopia TV isn't out yet because of time. 98% of the show was done just before my vacation trip to Portugal. Now it looks like the release will be out today on Saturday 2nd of May.

This show contains:
- Amiga News
- AmiReporters! PowerDev #7 (Germany)
Showing MorphOS and AmigaOS 4 running on MacMini G4 and more
- Cannon Fodder music video
- Breakpoint 2009 Amiga Demo 2nd place: Elude by Lightshaft
- Most liked music video done in Titler

I hope you will enjoy it. Thanks to all helping Amiga today. Without you, Amitopia TV would not be my thing. I really enjoy doing it and will do as long as people want me to.


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