BOH updated and ported to MacOS X

Date 4-May-2009 14:35:36
Topic: Software News

Campobasso, Italy - May 4th, 2009

BOH just got better and now it even runs natively on MacOS X!

Specifically, this update:

  • makes the game run natively on MacOS X Tiger/Leopard machines;
  • adds zooming to full screen modes;
  • allows the choice of the screen mode among those notified by the system;
  • replaces zooming routines with more optimized ones (especially 3x and 4x);
  • adds the possibility of disabling interpolation (for slow computers);
  • adds the possibility of disabling the rendering of barriers;
  • improves a bit the original themes;
  • enriches slightly the Evil Masters AI;
  • adds timer ticking during time-limited missions;
  • adds map zooming;
  • adds the option of sorting missions by difficulty;
  • allows the use of joypads/joysticks with just 1 button;
  • fixes the following bugs: bad joypad handling (detection was inhibited by a '2' in place of a '1'; sometimes up/down movement could stick); [PAGE UP/DOWN] handling (repeat delay handling was missing); a bad optimization of ray-tracing routine (which had no practical effects thanks to the way maps and themes were made);
  • improves and extends the user's manual;
  • links the AmigaOS 4 version to libSDL 1.2.13;
  • applies some other minor changes.

BOH owners can enjoy the update by downloading it for free from the DOWNLOADS page of the official website at

Simone Bevilacqua

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