Amiga Future Issue 78 Out

Date 4-May-2009 15:14:22
Topic: News

The Amiga Future Issue 78 (May/June 2009) is out now.

This means that all orders, subscriptions and dealer supplies have been brought to the postal office today.

Again you'll find many reviews in this issue like AmigaOS 4 on SAMflex, Protext, OWB, Hollywood 4 and much more.


But we have workshops like Ghostscript in this issue as well.

On the cover CD you will find lots of PD software and the full versions of Foundation, Protext, Prodata, Adventure System and more.

A more detailed description of content and excerpts of the issue 78 can be found in the Amiga Future Article Database at Preview

The Amiga Future is available as a single issue and subscription directly at the editorial office and some Amiga dealers like AmigaKit, Alinea, GGD-Data, Samuli, Vesalia and Voxel.

If you are a dealer and interested in offering the Amiga Future to your customers then please drop us an email.

The english issue 77 sold off. Other old issues are available in our onlineshop.

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