Poseidon USB Bounty - Double The Cash Promotion

Date 14-May-2009 17:18:46
Topic: Software News

The Poseidon USB Bounty (http://www.power2people.org/bounty_041.html) is about delivering a complete and working USB stack to AROS. So far we have reached 2180$ out of our goal donation of 4000$. Thank you :)

But more money is needed to reach our goal donation! How to get it faster? Let me make you an offer: for every donation you put in the bounty for the next 3 weeks, a matching donation will be made until 4000$ are reached. Nice, ain't it? You donate once, but help twice :)


Why should you put money in the bounty if you are not AROS user you ask? Well, getting USB for AROS is only part of the deal. The other part is releasing the Poseidon source codes under an open source license, meaning the same codes can later be recompiled for your system, be it MorphOS or AmigaOS... just imagine one working standard for all Amiga-like OSes... it's worth putting some dollars in my opinion!

So don't waste time and donate: http://www.power2people.org/bounty_041.html. Remember, every donation counts (and it counts twice for the next 3 weeks)!

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