Poseidon USB Bounty - $4000 mark passed

Date 16-May-2009 11:21:51
Topic: Announcement

Just a day after Double The Cash Promotion started, the total amount of money in the bounty passed 3000$ and currently stands at 3464$!

--- 16/05/09 - NEW TARGET!! - $4000 reached!
Please read after the end of the previous $3000 post to see that due to the generosity of everyone, over $4000 has now been raised ----


I admit I'm amazed, but at the same time very happy with the response the promotion generated. Seeing so many people donating really lifts up the spirit and shows that the community is very much alive. :)

Once again thank you and keep the donations flowing:

--- STOP PRESS ---

With the astonishing response from Amiga community the target amount of money for the Poseidon USB Bounty has been reached. I'm extremely happy to see this, but what I'm equally happy is to see that the donations were coming from every part of the community, be it AmigaOS, MorphOS or AROS users. Thank you :)

If you still wish to donate, you can of course do it or select any other bounty that is open or in progress:

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