Individual Computers: New production run Competition PRO Retro

Date 16-May-2009 2:14:50
Topic: Announcement

In cooperation with Speed-Link, we re-launched the only true joystick in september 2006: The Competition PRO for connection to a C64, Atari, Amiga, MSX and Amstrad/Schneider. The project was a huge success, only a few resellers can ship the cult device from the eighties at the moment. Since an end to the demand is not forseeable, we started a new production run together with Speed-Link. Brand new joysticks for computer-classics of the eighties will be available in july of this year.


The technical data in short:

* a true classic, an icon of retro-gaming
* connects to all retro systems like Amiga, C64, Amstrad/Schneider CPC, Atari, MSX
* six microswitches, two axles, four fire buttons
* upper fire buttons can be switched off
* cable length of 1.80 meters (5.9 ft)
* Powered by Individual Computers, the experts for retro-hardware

The new production run of the Competition PRO Retro was financially supported by our retail partners. The following resellers will carry the new joysticks exclusively until december 31st, 2009:

* AmigaKit (England)
* Red's Retro Computing (USA)
* Gentle Eye (Finland)
* Relec Hard&Software (Switzerland/France)
* Vesalia (Germany)

Speed-Link will also sell a small quantity of the Competition PRO Retro in their Online-Shop. The new joysticks will be available in july 2009 for a price of 14,99 EUR(*). Also look for bundle-offers at the reseller of your choice!

Our smaller, but not less important resellers Protovision and Alinea-Computer still have a small quantity of the Competition PRO Retro in stock; if you don't want to wait until july, you can order the ultimate gaming device for your favourite computer without any delays!

(*) recommended retail price including German sales tax of 19%. Prices at our retail partners may vary. For mail ordering, shipping may be added.

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