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Date 9-Nov-2002 18:37:12
Topic: Announcement

Hi All-
I'm in the process of editing a DVD version of "The Deathbed Vigil and other tales of digital angst", my film about the end of Commodore. In the DVD tradition, I've worked up some "special features". One idea I had was this: the Amiga's Impact, and what that meant. Not to me, or a few of my C=/Amiga buddies, but to anyone and everyone.

So here's the deal. Email me (with "DBV" in the subject) or reply here: what was the Amiga's impact. On you, on the industry, whatever -- your words, not mine (except when I need to edit them to fit on an NTSC screen). I have some of these, I need more, and when I have enough, the project is closed. I have to get the DVD out next week, but if you hurry, your chance for dubious immortality is here.

Please include a name, your own ideally -- don't be someone else for this. Thanks!

Your pal,

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