The Great TuneNet plugin Competition - Update!

Date 19-May-2009 16:24:13
Topic: Announcement

Allright People! We have a winner! Guess who? :D

The man, the myth, the legend S A L A S S 0 0 !
He is awarded 15 euro for his XMP plugin!
Congratulations, GOOD WORK!

The competition for the 2:nd and 3:rd place goes on! Read on to see how to participate!
I have added some more formats to the competition to make it easier to make a plugin, the ones in the first announcement are known to be a bit tough to make.
If you failed to reach the #1 spot, go for #2 or #3!


A while ago i received a great donation from the Polish Amiga community. Thanx!
At the time i had serious money trouble, so I thought I'd need every single cent to make it through the month, but in the end an angel saved me. Thanx dad! ;)

I've been thinking of a good way to spend some of this money and at the same time give something back to those who donated.

Make a plugin for TuneNet for any of these formats.

A SID plugin based on libSID2 + resid. ***
A Konami GX sound player plugin.
A Wonderswan plugin based on In_WSR.
A plugin for playing SAM Coupe music based on SAAEmu and libSAASound.
A plugin for playing streamed videogame music based on VGMStream.
A plugin for playing NEC-PC98 music, based on inFMPMD.
A plugin for playing Electronic Arts music based on Game Audio Decode.
A modplayer based on APlayer.
A SunVOX player based on the SunVOX replayer.

*** If you add the distortion patches + STIL database support i'll add another 5 euro to the award.


* Mail your plugin to spotup at gmail dot com. Include exe and source.
* The winner is the first one that mails a plugin. I will reward the first 3 though.
* The plugin+source will be published on os4depot after the competition.
* One coder may submit more than one plugin.

Links to the sources and lots of info can be found in this thread:
Post #1 contains all the info and links, but some valuable info might be hidden deep in the thread.

The competition goes on until I have received 3 plugins.

The prizes ain't huge, but i am not rich, and some prices are better than none right? :D

1. 15 euro.
2. 10 euro.
3. 10 euro.

The prices will be sent via PayPal only. So make sure you have an account.

Good Luck!


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