Latest WookieChat: v2.12 beta 2

Date 23-May-2009 19:10:13
Topic: Software News

Latest WookieChat: v2.12 beta 2 - 2009-05-23 - for AROS/MOS/OS3/OS4

NOTE: Extract Beta archives over the top of a full installation!
If you don't have a full installation, download it from my website:


MorphOS users, please read the first changelog entry!

I've just learned of an issue with Saving Prefs.. it seems to freeze up when
saving sometimes. I'm looking into it now..

- MorphOS version semi-works again. AREXX needs to be disabled for now for
the MOS executable to even run. Also, for MOS users the graphical smileys
and images in the MUI Settings window currently fail and are not displayed.
I suspect my excess timers are sucking up all the available signals, but
only under MOS for some reason. I will work on reducing the amount of
timers used, and hopefully that should make things work properly again.
Stand by for beta 3 in a few weeks. Fingers crossed! For now,the OS3
may work better for MOS users..
- Log reloading is a little faster due to setting the channel listview to
QUIET until the log reloader has finished inserting entrys.
- Creating a new channel or private tab is a little faster due to telling
the Root Group not to update anything until the two sub groups are done
making changes.
- Bugfix: No longer crashes when opening a new Server tab and then closing
it before connecting to a server.
- Using the nicklist context menu, more than one Ops/Half-Ops/voice mode
change can be made on one line, instead of seperate lines for each nick.
- GUI improvement: Now uses a cycle gadget for choosing the tabbed mode,
i.e. buttons at the bottom, or a listview underneath the nick list.
- Your own nick is now displayed to the left of the chat string gadget,
with your status (i.e. channel op, voiced, etc) displayed as a graphic
icon to the left of it
- Number of users and ops in the current channel is now displayed above the
- Configurable/optional buttons under the nick list to perform favourite
- In button-style tabs, the text is now cut off if the button isnt wide
enough. Now you can fit many many more channel/privmsg buttons on the
- Made the Alias config GUI more logical, and similar to the new Nick List
buttons config
- DCC Windows open inactive now, so it wont take the focus from the chat
string gadget while you're typing
- New strings added to the language catalogs

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