AmiKit on a real Amiga and other news!

Date 24-May-2009 17:17:12
Topic: Software News

How to install AmiKit on a real Amiga computer.

Dimitris Panokostas, the editor of the Greek Amiga magazine called Amigahellas, has written a detailed guide describing how to install the AmiKit package on a real Amiga computer.
The English language document is provided in PDF format and can be found at AmiKit Knowledge Base. Enjoy!

AmiKit Live Update 1.5.9

The AmiKit package has been updated as well. The latest version is installed automatically via the built-in Live Update mechanism:
- ADDED: ChaosPro 3.3.3 by Martin Pfingstl (AmiKit:Utilities/ChaosPro)
- ADDED: ffmpeg 0.5 (SVN-r18880), Amiga port by Piotr Bandurski
- UPDATED: AmigaAMP 2.21
- UPDATED: ixemul library 61.1
- UPDATED: playOGG 10.0c
- UPDATED: PicShow 1.31 (build 31.438)
- UPDATED: SabreMSN alpha 49
- UPDATED: WookieChat 2.12 beta 3
Thanks to the donors who contributed recently!

AmiKit WinUAE Add-on 1.6.0

In addition, you can easily update the emulation engine of your AmiKit to the latest WinUAE version. Simply download and run the new Add-on installer available from the AmiKit Add-on section.

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