WxWidgets bounty opened.

Date 27-May-2009 19:12:24
Topic: Software News

amigabounty.net announces a bounty to get WxWidgets ported to AmigaOS4.1.

UPDATE - 27.05.2009: Alexandre Balaban has been assigned to the bounty and deadline has been changed as agreed with Alexandre. Please consider making a donation to the bounty if you haven't done so already.

Having WxWidgets available on AmigaOS4.1 will help give us easier access to a huge number of cross-platform applications and it will allow AmigaOS4 developers to reach a wider audience if they develop using WxWidgets. A few examples of applications using WxWidgets include: KiCAD, Audacity, Code::Blocks IDE and (originally from the Amiga) Audio Evolution 5.


Please visit amigabounty.net by clicking the link below to learn more about the WxWidgets bounty.

WxWidgets bounty project site.

WxWidgets website.

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