TheBar.mcc 26.3

Date 26-May-2009 17:46:21
Topic: Software News

The TheBar open source team is pleased to announce the immediate release of version 26.3 of the well-known AmigaOS-based MUI custom classes for toolbars. This release is a maintainance release of the v26 version which included a large amount of changes due to the merge of the previously splitted v25/v21 versions. Native versions for the AmigaOS3, AmigaOS4, MorphOS and AROS platforms are included in the main distribution archive now. Please feel free to contribute your ideas for a future version of the TheBar classes by submitting your feature request to the project homepage of TheBar.mcc. Thanks. Your TheBar Open Source Team.

TheBar.mcc is a MUI custom class for management of multiple buttons in a toolbar-like environment. It allows to group multiple button together, allows to hide/sleep/disable a specific button as well as send notifications in case a button was pressed by the user. It features a multitude of different settings and the majority of these are configurable for the user via the MUI preferences system.

TheBar.mcc class was originally developed by Alfonso Ranieri. Since November 2005 it was released under the LGPL license and is now freely available and further developed by an independent open source developer group.

TheBar.mcc is available for OS3, OS4, MorphOS and AROS.

The TheBar.mcc class project is hosted on SourceForge. Its project name is "thebar".

To report bugs use the bug tracker at

TheBar.mcc at Aminet (readme)

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