Amiga Forever 5.2 shipping

Date 16-May-2003 16:09:33
Topic: Software News

Cloanto announced that Amiga Forever 5.2 is now shipping. It is available in a CD-ROM, CD-ROM Upgrade, Online Edition, Online Upgrade and Cross-Platform Online Edition. Read more for the feature list.

Features include:

- Just-in-time version of emulation software (Bernd Meyer's JIT code), carefully configured and publicly benchmarked by Cloanto to be 30 times faster than in previous versions of Amiga Forever. The Amiga runs in a window or in full screen mode, makes full use of thousands of Windows (or other OS) drivers, can access PC files (even on NTFS partitions, in the Windows version) and does not require a reboot.

- Software Manager, an advanced content delivery system developed by Cloanto, for easy and privacy-conscious management of all emulation-related components (updates, downloads, news, etc.)

- Amiga Explorer software, which allows you to connect an Amiga to one or more PCs, and access Amiga files (including virtual ADF and ROM files), directories and volumes directly from the Windows Desktop. Amiga Explorer is easier to install and configure than other networking tools, and includes direct support for serial (null-modem) cable connections, as well as TCP/IP.

- MenuBox launcher, to boot different Amiga configurations with one mouse click, either from CD-ROM (no installation or reboot required) or after installation

- New and fully licensed Picasso96 software (not a shareware version), maps Amiga graphics requests directly to fast x86 calls and powerful low-level DirectX functions (Windows version of emulation)

- Amiga Narrator and Translator speech synthesis components (made available for distribution with the Amiga OS for the first time since 1991)

- All Amiga ROMs up to version 3.1 (the last ROM that will ever be available for the "Classic Amiga"!)*

- CDTV and CD≥≤ boot ROMs and extended ROMs (can be used to play CDTV and CD≥≤ games, even booting directly from CD-ROM, requires free upgrade to emulation software)*

- GlowIcons look (as used in Amiga OS "3.5", "3.9" and "XL", but also compatible with NewIcons and MagicWB)

- Option to switch entire environment from "new look" (GlowIcons) to "old look" (Classic) and vice versa

- Emulation includes: Amiga custom chips, RTG graphics, up to 512 MB of Zorro III RAM, virtual memory, TCP/IP, MIDI, native x86 code, built-in support for ADF, ADZ, DMS and FDI disk image files

- Preinstalled software includes: Personal Paint 7.1b (paint, animation and image processing software, includes GIF/LZW license), DirDiff (file synchronization and replication software), AmiToRTF (to convert texts from Amiga to Windows formats), MailBX (to convert Amiga mail archives to Microsoft Mail, Outlook Express and Exchange Server), drag-and-drop LhA, print spooler (easily print all Amiga documents under Windows, bypassing parallel port emulation), Directory Opus 5.5 (courtesy of GPSoftware), TurboText (exclusive latest version with stack problem fix), KingCON, ToolManager, ReqTools, etc.

- Latest version of WinUAE and WinFellow tested and supported by Cloanto

- Disk2FDI software to read Amiga floppy disks on PC (experimental version, requires two floppy drives)

- Tutorials and FAQs on data sharing, emulation, floppy disks, serial links, TCP/IP, UAE, Fellow and much more.

- All software tested on Windows XP

- MPEG-1 videos: The Deathbed Vigil (one hour and 58 minutes, i.e. the full version of this "must have" video) and Jay Miner Speech (49 minutes)*

- Dozens of other enhancements and add-ons

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