OpenURL 7.5

Date 6-Jun-2009 9:35:06
Topic: Software News

The OpenURL open source team is pleased to announce the immediate release of version 7.5 of the well-known library. This release is the first release after reunification of the development of OpenURL for all common AmigaOS platforms. Native versions for the AmigaOS3, AmigaOS4, MorphOS and AROS platforms are included in the main distribution archive now. Please feel free to contribute your ideas for a future version of the OpenURL by submitting your feature request to the project homepage of OpenURL.Your OpenURL Open Source Team.

This library was created to make it easier for application programmers to include clickable URLs in their applications, about windows, etc. Current solutions to this problem typically are to launch an ARexx script or just support a few webbrowsers, with no room for configuration. This leads to countless reinventions of the wheel (how many SendURLToBrowser.rexx scripts do you have on your harddisk?).

This library solves the problem by giving application programmers a very simple API to handle (one function) and the user gets configurability with the included preferences program.

OpenURL was originally developed by Troels Walsted Hansen, et al. Since 2005 it is developed by an independent open source developer group. It is released as a public domain software.

OpenURL is available for OS3, OS4, MorphOS and AROS.

The OpenURL project is hosted on SourceForge. Its project name is "openurllib".

To report bugs use the bug tracker at

OpenURL 7.5 at Aminet (readme)

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