Cloanto Releases Amiga Explorer 2009

Date 6-Jun-2009 12:30:39
Topic: hardware OS4

Amiga Explorer 2009 has just been released. The new version includes enhanced support for Windows 7, an update to Software Director and support for Amiga Forever 2009. The update is free to all Amiga Explorer users.

Amiga Explorer 2009 can be downloaded via Software Director, or from the Amiga Explorer Home Page. If doing a manual download, note the two different editions, one for x86 systems, the other for x64 systems. The Amiga side is always included and works on both 68K and PPC systems.

Traditionally, the release of the new Amiga Explorer as included in Amiga Forever precedes by a few days the launch of a new version of Amiga Forever itself.

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