Browser: OWB 1.3 released for MorphOS

Date 7-Jun-2009 1:15:53
Topic: Software News

Fabien 'Fab' Coeurjoly has released version 1.3 of his OWB port for MorphOS. The list of changes since V 1.2 (from the read me):

- Updated to OWB SVN r994.
- Network can now optionally run in a dedicated thread. Just for information, CURL network backend has always been asynchronous, but some specific parts can unfortunately block depending on the network link (e.g dns resolution), hence the need for a dedicated thread.
- Improved CURL buffer management to cope more easily with higher download speeds.
- Added resume support to download manager.
- Display more information in download overwrite/resume requester (local/remote file dates and sizes).
- Added failure reason column in download manager 'Failed' tab.
- Added URL column in download manager.
- Added a gauge for each entry in download manager.
- Added a retry button for failed downloads.
- Download speed is now measured as an "instant" value (before, it was computed as an average since the download start).
- Added a confirmation requester if POST data is about to be resent (should avoid duplicated messages on fora, for instance).
- Added content blocking based on 'adblockplus' (optional). See conf/blocked.prefs (it will be made configurable from settings/contextmenu later).
- Bookmark tree can now be shown as a side panel.
- Reworked refresh method (behaves better and faster with 2dlayers when moving windows over browser area).
- Added mimetype configuration: for each mimetype, "view", "download", "external command" and "ask" actions are available.
- Added configurable contextual menus for link, page and image objects, which can now be extended with user actions.
- Added session saving/restoration (optional). F9 and F10 keys also respectively allow to manually select a session file to restore from/save to.
- Added "Load in New Background Tab" contextmenu item (which was already available before by pressing MMB).
- Added HTML (embedded) error reporting mode. Requester and HTML modes can be selected from settings.
- Quit requester is now optional.
- Added "Paste to URL" menu entry.
- More work on PDF export (saves the whole site into a page-based document, with or without backgrounds depending on settings).
- Added drag'n'drop support to browser window (each dropped file creates a new tab).
- Added mailto: support (through OpenURL).
- Added java script: scheme support from URL string.
- Space key now also scrolls page down.
- New bookmark entries are also added to pulldown menu by default.
- asyncio.library is now used for file input/output.
- Added BACKGROUND switch to "Open" ARexx command (only relevant when used with NEWPAGE).
- Fixed SAVEURL ARexx command 'quiet' mode.
- Removed a 256 characters limit with bookmark entries.
- Changed widgets default colours to give more contrast.
- Added htm/php extensions for local browsing.
- Fixed an issue with duplicated entries in network window when using several windows.
- Fixed an issue with file upload (full path could be sent instead of just the file name).
- Moved history.db and cookieCollection.txt to conf/ directory (move your old ones there, sorry for that :)).

Get your favorite of the three available versions (full/lite/no-SVG) from: and read the full read me here:

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