Bounty for JIT enabled E-UAE on AmigaOS4.1

Date 9-Jun-2009 15:23:18
Topic: Software News

E-UAE on AmigaOS4.1 (and MorphOS) supports only interpretive emulation and is quite slow compared to f.ex. winUAE.
What's needed is JIT 68K code emulation to speed things up.
Especially AmigaOS4.1 users with slower machines will gain a lot from a JIT version of E-UAE.


As the JIT will automatically become open source, other PPC platforms will also be able to benefit from it.

As a minimum the project should be able to.
- Bring JIT 68k code emulation to the OS4 version of E-UAE.
- Work with a number of specified games and applications that runs
(slow) under the OS4 version of E-UAE.

Click the link below to visit the project page.

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