Cinnamon Writer 0.62 is available for download

Date 9-Jun-2009 20:28:42
Topic: Software News

This is an announcement of the immediate availability of version 0.62 of Cinnamon Writer. Cinnamon Writer is a compact and efficient word processor developed especially with Amiga and Amiga-like systems in mind. Cinnamon Writer runs on AOS 4.0 and 4.1.

New version include:
  • Major speed optimization
  • Added Find/Replace functionality
  • Selectable document sizes
  • Resizable document area
  • New document ruler (WIP)
  • Several minor additions improve user experience

Please visit the homepage to try the new version. The homepage also contains screenshots of this version and previous versions. Furthermore you will be able to download fonts that can be used in Cinnamon Writer and other programs

I strive to improve Cinnamon Writer for each new version. Therefore, if you have any ideas or suggestion to improve the program or if you have discovered a bug, please contact me.

Cinnamon Writer is free to download and use. If you like it please consider a donation. Donations will be used to attract gifted programmers and graphics artists to improve Cinnamon Writer… Or will be included as an integral part of my beer budget, of course depending on the size of the donation


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