CommVEx questions for Peddle, Herd, Haynie

Date 11-Jun-2009 10:49:00
Topic: Events

With the July 25-26 Commodore Vegas Expo (CommVEx) just 45 days away, the list of presenters and presentations grows longer, and my list of things to accomplish before the event grows more urgent.

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CBM engineers Chuck Peddle and Bil Herd will be video-conferencing into the show, and CBM engineer Dave Haynie will be in attendance at the show. Though the day of the video-conference has not been set (Saturday or Sunday) and the format of the conference has not be determined, I am sure that there will be time allowed for questions from the audience.

With that being said...

If you have questions for Chuck Peddle, leave them here.

If you have questions for Bil Herd, leave them here.

If you have questions for Dave Haynie, leave them here.

If you prefer not to place your questions for them here, send them to me.

Like last year's telephone conference with CBM engineers Bil Herd and Andy Finkel, all forwarded questions will be asked.

For more information on CommVEx v5, go to

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Robert Bernardo
organizer, CommVEx
Fresno Commodore User Group

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