Amitopia TV a la cart de Amiga for June

Date 20-Jun-2009 21:16:42
Topic: Miscellaneous News

Amitopia TV a la cart de Amiga for June is on site and on YouTube!
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Our menu a la cart de Amiga to you:

2x videos!:
Titler Music Video
Showing how far Titler have come up til now with music from Remix kwed org site.
AmitopiaTV_TitlerXtra (in .mp4 format)
> > > YouTube

3D games on Amiga II
Part two of our guide to the world of 3D games for Amiga. This time it's WipeOut 2097, Payback, Doom, Neverball and Neverputt.
3D games on Amiga II (in .avi format)
> > > YouTube

Red, blue and black? Confused? Welcome to Amigaworld!
Read it here
Article explaining what red, blue and black means for Amigans. What are they related to? Find out

Watch YouTube with OWB thru GetVideo and MPlayer
Read it here
Guide on howto watch YouTube clips when using OWB 1.3 for MorphOS.

HBmonopoly for all Amiga systems with AmigaOS 3.x or higher!
Read it here
A small review of HBmonopoly. A great Monopoly game for AmigaOS. Supports multiplayer support and more.

Have a nice summer! ..


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