The July 2009 edition of The Cryptmag, Issue 56 is now live!

Date 30-Jun-2009 14:36:19
Topic: Announcement

The Staff have been busy since the last issue, and we bring you 78 brand new articles in this edition of The Cryptmag. Things like –


Hardware Access Using ARexx – Memory Editing – A Bonus Edition 1.
Image Processing Algorithms Part 5: Contrast Adjustment
Ultimate boot CD for Windows
Hiding a File

Software Restrictions Policies

Desktop Icons program called Fences
Dear Little House Written By Brenda M Hawkins
Colour Me True by Maisie Walker
Game Booster helps play old Amiga Games

These are just a selection of what we have for you in this issue. Don`t forget folks, The Cryptmag is FREE! So pop on over and spend a while reading what we have in ISSUE 56

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