SAM audio problems resolved

Date 6-Jul-2009 18:22:09
Topic: Software News

A couple of days ago I've received a SAM Flex from ACube Systems for debugging and resolving the SAM audio problems. I am pleased to announce that the new driver fixes the most important issues, namely:

* The noise when starting to playback a sound
* General noise issues resulting from the Aux/Video monitoring being turned on by default. You now don't need to run Mixer anymore to prevent these problems.


In addition to this, a new Mixer has also been released with ARexx support for the SAM audio and a bug fix that could result in all faders being at 0dB on start-up when no Mixer.prefs was present.

Both cs4281 audio driver (5.4) and Mixer application (1.22) can be downloaded from OS4depot (check the Uploads if they are not there yet).

cs4291 Audio Driver:



Davy Wentzler

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