Google Trends: Amiga beats FreeBSD, BeOS, NetBSD, OpenBSD and even RedHat Linux

Date 8-Jul-2009 10:25:02
Topic: Internet News

A search from a private guy with Google Trends, using Amiga as it was an almost dead Operating System Keyword of Reference, shows that in keyword frequency Amiga beats all these Operating Systems: FreeBSD, BeOS, NetBSD and in RedHat Linux camp only Fedora is capable to surpass the "Amiga Line" of "vitality"...

Google trends is a sort of rough gauge of popularity of topics in Internet.

Amiga Vs FreeBSD:

Amiga Vs FreeBSd and BeOS:

Amiga vs FreeBSD vs BeOS vs NetBSD vs OpenBSD:

Note that interest in Amiga is very very low but it keeps itself steady in time.

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