Amigahellas the magazine - Issue 13 is online!

Date 9-Jul-2009 20:47:27
Topic: Announcement

The summer issue of our magazine has finally hit the bookstore... ahem, I meant webserver!

In this issue, you'll find:

Game Review: BOH
A new game, inspired by the good old times!

Interview: Marc Albrecht
The man behind ACT talks to us about his experience with the Amiga.

Video and presentations on the Amiga
Learn the basics you need to know for proper video presentations, from experts on the field.

Music on the Amiga
Everything you wanted to know, but didn't know where to ask, part 4.

Α600 GRL project
The Α600 is the smallest Amiga ever built. Somebody decided to make it ever smaller! Part 3 of the how-to.

You can download the issue for free in two available resolutions from the official site.

Note: Marc Albrecht's interview is also published online in English for the non-Greek community.

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