Jupiter Lander updated to v1.1

Date 1-Aug-2009 2:35:22
Topic: Software News

I have just uploaded a game to OS4depot that is never existed on Amiga before!
Jupiter Lander is arrived around the time of the 40th anniversary of Moon Landing.

If you come to yourself after this shocking news, please tell me where would be the best to
spread this killer application to the hordes of MOS, AROS, w32 and OSX users?


It will be released for all platform easily thanks to our great Hollywood!

OS4 version 1.0 here: http://os4depot.net/?function=showfile&file=game/action/jupiterlander.lha

Original thread discussion on going here: http://amigaworld.net/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=29261&forum=32#501892


The MOS and a slightly updated 1.1 version for OS4 is downloadable from Aminet: http://aminet.net/package/game/actio/Jupiter_Lander

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