New album Legowelt available

Date 31-Jul-2009 1:28:57
Topic: News

Just recently, a new album from legendary electronic artist Legowelt is available. It's called 'Amiga Railroad Adventures' and is out on Strange Life Records.

Quoted from his website,

"From the romantic days of Amiga computing cosyness come 16 fresh new Legowelt tracks in the style of Beyond the Congo and Venom 18. Music about golf courses in the Bermuda Triangle (oh no the ball went into a dimensional hole!), Night driving through 16 bit Amiga Pine Forests (Deluxe Paint sprites!), British railroad romantics (dedication to the trainspotters), Dr. Loomis' adventures in Haddonfield and much, much more! Made on the mighty Amiga 1200 running the Octamed sequencer, a TR808, a couple of Korg modulars and some old effects boxes."

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