Games package for AmiCygnix available

Date 2-Aug-2009 22:00:14
Topic: Software News

A games package for AmiCygnix containing 22 games is now available on OS4-depot. Most of them are board or card games, but there are also some action games and a fractal explorer:

- The ace of Penguins: A collection of simple solitaire games.
- BomberClone (Bomberman clone with network support)
- GLightOff
- gSoko (Sokoban)
- gTans (Tangram game)
- GtkAtlantic (like Monopoly - with network support)
- Sudoku-Savant
- XaoS (fractal explorer)
- XEmeraldia (tetris variation)
- XGalaga (shoot 'em up)
- XLightOff
- XMahjongg
- xtris (multiplayer tetris with network support)

Except the games included in "The ace of Penguins", all games can be installed separately.


The Ace of Penguins (shows not all included games)


GtkAtlantic (Monopoly)


Download: amicygnix-games.lha

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