New DevPak for AmiDevCpp available.

Date 9-Aug-2009 22:06:35
Topic: Software News

A New DevPak for MUI 3.9 (AmigaOS4) is available.

A DevPak is an archive for header and linker libraries
that can be installed (and uninstalled) with just one click of your mouse.

Direct Download

There is also a new Example Project available that makes use of the new DevPak.
The Example Project is a simple MUI Program, that can be compiled for all Platforms
AmiDevCpp currently supports, without the need to change a single line of code.

Supported Platforms are:

- Amiga OS 3.x (m68k)
- Amiga OS 4.x (ppc)
- MorpOS (ppc)
- AROS-i386
- AROS-x86_64
- AROS-ppc

Direct Download


MUI.DevPak installed
MUI_OS4.DevPak installed

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