New ClipDown v2.2 released - Improved YouTube support with most recent MPlayer!

Date 11-Aug-2009 0:16:55
Topic: Software News

Version 2.2 now works with latest MPlayer so YouTube videos work flawlessly. Also has enhanced
support for directly playing Amazon mp3 music site music clips. Additional video sites were added to the
auto mode and you can now start with download mode as the default via a Tooltype.

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(See below for additional changes and details.)

A small OS4 utility which uses 'wget' to download webpages and files pointed to by HTTP: and FTP: protocal URL's that reside in the clipboard. Additionally it can play/view or save direct link graphics, audio, video and postscript (PDF etc.) files as well as files on sites such as YouTube and Myspace. Playback and viewing requires "AmiGS", "Multiview" and optionally "getvideo" and "Mplayer (read docs about version required)".

Version 2.2 (released)
Modified to run most commands asyncronously.
Allows multiple downloads while viewing and playing files with delete files disabled.
Using latest version of getvideo and MPlayer, YouTube streaming works!
Prevents hangs with new Mplayer not exiting properly.
Added "Save then Play" with getvideo selection to Download menu.
Added FILE_DOWNLOAD tooltype to start in FIle Download mode instead of Auto.
Changed gadget hint so it's much smaller, less annoying.
Modified Amazon mp3 site support to directly play song clips clips.
(Just copy play.arrow URL to clipboard and click action button in Auto mode.)
Added experimental .m3u playlist support in Auto mode. (CAUTION: Can't abort!)
Added Help menu for easy access to supported video sites and file types.
Modified 'Auto Select Action' so it now plays video for all the following sites:

Version 2.1 (released)
Added support for downlaoding and auto viewing of PDF files via AmiGS.
Fixed a bug where download to specified directory didn't work on first download.
Set FTP protocal to always download files.
Added support for downloading then auto viewing PDF files via AmiGS.
Added support for downloading then auto viewing files with MultiView.
Added menu selection to not delete files after viewing with AmiGS or Multiview.
Added '-k" option and "KEEP_VIEWED" tooltype to set default for above.

Version 2.0 (not released)
Added "Play with GetVideo" support for video websites such as YouTube.
Added "Save with GetVideo" support for video websites such as YouTube.
Added "Play Direct Link" support to play audio/video fiels via MPlayer.
Added file extention checking for Play Direct mode.
Added an auto action mode to automatically select action based on URL or filename.
Added support initial for playing Amazon mp3 30 second music file clips.
Added support for naming downloaded Amazon mp3 music files.

See for more details.

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