Amitopia TV 11th Of August is out

Date 12-Aug-2009 12:32:13
Topic: Announcement

Summer is now getting to an end here in the north of the world! But that doesn't stop Amitopia TV,.. hehe :)

Well, it's out ladies and gentlemen. With News, report and a musicvideo. This show is a must see for everyone which wants to do so.

MorphOS 2.3
OWB 1.4
Dancemania music video

Download it here (~183MB)
Amitopia TV 11th of August

Later you will be able to see it on Vimeo and parts will be uploaded to YouTube.

Enjoy Watching!

And remember to contribute with your videos! Anything is interesting. News about your program or game your developing? Your Classic Amigas? Your AmigaOS4 setup? Your AROS box? Your Efika or PegasosII hardware? Anything!... and Amitopia TV will get more perspectives from red, blue and black camps. Amiga community is alive, so contribute. Welcome to Amitopia TV

mail your content to: (~7GB of space)



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