Capital Punishment psy trance remix 2009

Date 17-Aug-2009 19:28:02
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I've just uploaded several songs on Youtube I have composed using Renoise tracker including PsyTrance remix of Amiga beatem up game from 1996 - Capital Punishment. Just follow those links:


djnick / deetronic - capital punishment rmx (2009) [style: psytrance]
Psy trance remix of Capital Punishment, Amiga Beatem-Up game from 1996. The song is fully composed in Renoise tracker.

djnick / deetronic - tribute to amiga (2007)
One of my first progressive trance songs I composed with Renoise tracker. I sampled old tv show from 1986 showing Amiga computer capabilities and used some VST instruments.

djnick / deetronic - h2o (2009) [style: ambient]
Ambiental song fully composed in Renoise tracker using several VST instruments & samples from the nature.

...and some older songs I've made long time ago [1993] in ProTracker...

djnick / deetronic - the book of evil (1993) [style: breakbeat]
I've made this breakbeat song in ProTracker / Amiga in 1993. I sampled horror movie from Video Tape. Style inspired by The Prodigy's first album at that time.

djnick / deetronic - on je bio fantom (1993) [style: techno]
This song was playing on DiskoSusret, Belgrade radio 202 top list in 1993 for over 5 weeks. It has just 4 channels [composed in ProTracker / Amiga] where I sampled voices of Josip Broz Tito and Hitler.

I also updated my home page with playable buttons standing next to the songs & explanation.

More info @ [& select "musik" link]. You can also watch videos I have made in AftertEffects / Premiere with music I composed with Renoise.

All comments are welcome :)

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