ClipDown v2.4 released on OS4Depot

Date 20-Aug-2009 8:40:07
Topic: Software News

Version 2.4 cleans up asycronous running so Ctrl+C can be used to abort again. Added CD music link support as well as .pls playlist support. Tooltypes quote handling fixed. Should be easier to setup now. See below for full list of changes.

A small OS4 utility which uses 'wget' to download webpages and files pointed to by HTTP: and FTP: protocal URL's that reside in the clipboard. Additionally it can play/view or save direct link graphics, audio, video and postscript (PDF etc.) files as well as files on sites such as YouTube and Myspace. Playback and viewing requires "AmiGS", "Multiview" and optionally "getvideo" and "Mplayer (read docs about version required)".

Version 2.4 (released)
Changed how background tasks are run so keyboard control now works
for launched programs and Ctrl+C can abort.
(Be careful while steaming with MPlayer. Space to pause is Ok.)
Multiview and AmiGS now open on same screen as ClipDown resides.
.m3u playlists now officially supported since it's possible to abort actions.
Added .pls playlist support.
(See: (
Added support for playing Amazon regular store music clip links.
Fixed handling of quotes with ToolTypes.

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