The September 2009 Issue of The Cryptmag is here!

Date 2-Sep-2009 2:41:23
Topic: Announcement

Issue 57 has 76 interesting and varied articles covering topics like –

Hardware Access Using [url=The AmigaBASIC And ARexx – Part 5


Image Processing Algorithms Part 6: Gamma Correction
Windows 7 Preview
Greetings Cards – Advanced Card Making
Curried Hard Boiled Eggs
Lacuna Coil at King Tut’s in Glasgow
British Touring Cars at Knockhill 2009
My Guardian Angel
An Episode in the Life of My Heart

All these great articles plus my favourite for this issue – Yesterdays Child by Maisie Walker about life for young child in the 1930’s leading up to the second world war, and how it affected her and her family during the evacuation. The second part of this tale is in our next issue, so don’t forget to pick up the RSS feed on the front page for news of when this will be released.

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