WordNet 3.0 released for AmigaOS4

Date 2-Sep-2009 1:42:51
Topic: Software News

WordNet is a large electronic database of the English language developed at the Cognitive Science Laboratory, Princeton University. It contains more than 155 thousand words and phrases that are semantically tagged and interlinked to form an intricate, hierarchical network of word meanings. This network can be walked through using a native OS4 browser.

Being more than just a dictionary, it is an indispensable tool for translators, English learners, English teachers, linguists, copywriters, etc.


The AmigaOS4 WordNet distribution provides the following extra features:

- a comfortable ReAction-based browser
- ARexx interface
- application.library support
- speech output through the Flite synthesis engine
- tooltype-based configuration
- extensive help and documentation

- a computer running AmigaOS 4.x (Kickstart V52+)
- about 35 MB of free disk space
- flite.device (for speech output - available separately from OS4depot.net)

Download WordNet from OS4depot.

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