Eye Viewer OS4 version 1.7

Date 2-Sep-2009 12:00:16
Topic: Software News

Available the new version of Eye Viewer OS4 compatible version. This new
version has the improvements of:
- a new executable that corrects the Favorites list bug,
- new icons for the program, drawer, and default from "Mason",
- a new installer for updating or new install.


Eye Viewer is a program to visualize pictures, to listen to sounds and songs; besides copy, move, rename, and delete files; including the option to show files with a comparative when these have the same name. Slide show of graphical and sonorous files, the option of save your personal configuration, and configure and handle the list of your favorite folders. Plus now a beta option for save/convert files in PNG or JPG format.

You can download Eye Viewer OS4 version 1.7 by visiting the Home Page and clicking on the Amiga tab at the top of the page.

Note: We are working in the next improvements and correcting bugs of our program for OS4, the music player, the little buttons in the tool bar, and any other surprises which turn up.

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