Dynamite Challenge 2009 in October (Amitopia TV)

Date 5-Sep-2009 3:38:39
Topic: Announcement

Hello to AmigaOS4 fans!
Hello to MorphOS fans!

Are you Ready? Do you have time? How about Dynamite Challenge 2009? This is a challenge where 4 people play against 4 other players. The idea is to video tape it all and show it as a program on Amitopia TV with commentators etc. So 4 AmigaOS4 users and 4 MorphOS users should sign up.


The challenge is planned on Saturday 31st of October at 20.30CET.

Show will be edited and aired on Amitopia TV in November is the plan.

Mail your interest to:

Write that you have time and on which team you want to be on. If many is interested a new Dynamite Challenge could happen more often.


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